25-Year Teaching Pro Unlocks the Most Effective, Body-Friendly Swing for Seniors – and They’re Playing Like Much Younger Golfers!
It gets old, doesn’t it?
… Watching tour pros blast 350-yard drives while you struggle to reach par 4s in two.
… Doing everything modern instruction tells you to, only to end up with a sore back and puny tee shots.
… Hitting it low, short and crooked despite all the so-called advances in equipment technology.

And to think, this game is supposed to be fun.
Good news: It can be. And it will be.
IF… and only IF… you’re ready to try something vastly different from what you’ve been taught for the last 10 or 20 years.
That may sound hard. It’s anything but.
All you have to do is listen to renowned teacher Todd Kolb, who’s here to show you – the golfer with a little less ability than the young bucks, but a huge passion for improvement – an easy way to add the yards you need to make golf fun again.

Todd’s been teaching since the mid-1990s, and he’s firmly established as one of America’s top instructors. He’s been named the No. 1 teacher in South Dakota by Golf Digest while coaching numerous pros, including an LPGA major winner.

But Todd’s real specialty is helping everyday golfers like you play the best golf of their lives.

In an era when power is king, that means squeezing every last yard from your current swing.
With the VERTICAL LINE SWING SERIES, you’ll learn a bevy of secrets for doing just that. Things like:
  • How to eliminate the three “death moves” that are killing your power. (Moves a misguided coach may have actually taught you.)
  • Why “get your hands deep on the backswing” is terrible advice – and what to do instead.
  • How restricting your hip turn actually hurts your distance… and your body.
  • ​Todd’s incredibly simple yet highly effective “Vertical Line Backswing,” which any golfer can master with minimal practice (even if your flexibility is limited).
  • ​The game-changing advice Todd gave a student named Bill, who immediately started crushing his drives as the pressure on his back and shoulders disappeared.
  • ​Easy drills that will have you launching the ball higher, longer and straighter than you realized was possible.

There’s no weightlifting. No fitness routine. No complicated swing maneuvers that only a contortionist (or a tour pro) could accomplish.

Watch the short, info-packed lessons, use Todd’s tips and drills, and before you know it you’ll be keeping up with the youngsters, blowing it past your buddies and enjoying golf like never before.

Let’s take a closer look at the Vertical Line Swing Series.

While some teaching programs focus on one or two parts of the swing, the Vertical Line Swing Series is an A-to-Z, setup-to-finish master class.

And at an efficient 80 minutes, total, it’s pure instruction – no filler, no mumbo-jumbo.

Todd takes you through each segment of the swing, explaining where traditional
teaching gets it wrong – especially for older golfers – and shows you a better, easier way.

Watch these videos, integrate Todd’s tips into your swing, practice his simple drills and in no time at all you’ll be…

Driving it longer…

Finding more fairways…

Stinging your irons, wedges and hybrids…

And hitting a lovely, penetrating draw.

A draw?

Yep. A draw.

Best of all, the Vertical Line Swing will relieve the stress and strain created by the conventional swing’s physical demands.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in the Vertical Line Swing Series:

1. The Grip

  • The hand position that increases your control of the club and eliminates the need for hard-to-time rotation.
  • ​How to tell if your grip is too “weak” by looking at your divots (or lack thereof).
  • ​The trouble a conventional “neutral grip” can cause not just in your game, but in your joints.
  • ​How many knuckles you should see on your lead hand to ensure your grip is in the perfect position.
  • ​Which grip style – overlap or interlock – you should be using. (This one may surprise you.)
  • ​Why the fingers – not the palms – hold the key to a great grip.

2. The Setup

  • Why setting up square to the target is a no-no for regular golfers.
  • ​Which way and how much your toes should point at address – and how this makes a world of difference in your ability to turn back and through.
  • ​A hidden way to build even more turn into your swing for a BIG power boost.
  • ​Todd’s “60 – 40” rule for distributing your weight. This one’s easy to master and can instantly improve your contact.
  • ​Two tiny adjustments to your head position that helped Jack Nicklaus generate massive power.

3. Ball Position

  • Where traditional teaching goes wrong with the driver and irons, causing a rash of miss-hits.
  • ​A simple process for getting the ball in exactly the right spot, every time, with every club.
  • ​The ball position that matches the Vertical Line Swing setup (and makes drawing your irons a piece of cake).
  • ​A stance tip for increased balance, stability and consistency with the driver.

4. The Takeaway

  • What happens when the toe of your club points where traditional coaching says it should. (Hint: It ain’t good.)
  • ​Todd’s easy-to-remember mantra that will groove a perfect takeaway, get your clubface pointing in the right direction and reduce the need to flip the club coming down.
  • ​The “death move” Todd sees among too many students… and how to make sure you never fall prey.
  • ​How your glove can tell you if your takeaway is on line or off.

5. Halfway Back

  • How the focus on “X-Factor” has wreaked havoc on amateur swings and bodies – possibly even yours.
  • ​Why you want more hip turn, not less, on the backswing – and how you can get it on your very next swing.
  • ​How to “release” your trail knee to relieve strain while boosting distance.
  • ​An incredibly easy way to lengthen your backswing for increased power… and comfort.
  • ​What causes (and what cures) slice-inducing wrist “cupping.”
  • ​The correct percentage of weight to shift onto your trail foot going back. Get this right and your consistency will soar.

6. Top of The Backswing

  • Why “Get your hands deep” is Todd’s pet peeve – and how the Vertical Line Swing approach works so much better.
  • ​A foolproof way to create more freedom in your backswing, which generates effortless power on the downswing.
  • ​Todd’s at-home drill for nailing the proper weight shift and lengthening your swing.
  • ​A “draw drill” to put your club on an inside-to-out path. Todd’s tour pros use this one, but it’s easy for anybody.

7. The Transition

  • The little things that separate good players from duffers, and how to quickly integrate them into your swing.
  • ​The actual cause of your over-the-top move. (It’s not what you’ve been taught.)
  • ​Why holding your hips – instead of snapping them – is the key to a smooth, powerful downswing.
  • ​A drill for honing the critical move that drops the club “into the slot,” producing draw after coveted draw.
  • ​A practice tip that will synchronize your upper and lower bodies for unerring rhythm and pure ball-striking.

8. The Impact Position

  • How to stop swinging “low and left” and get the club (and the ball) headed straight down the target line.
  • ​A drill so simple, you won’t believe the difference it makes in your quality of impact.
  • ​An iron drill that grooves a draw-ripping clubhead path and a ball-trapping downward blow.

9. Post-Impact and Finish

  • How to diagnose the cause of a poor shot by looking at your finish.
  • ​Where your chest should face at the end of your swing. (No, it’s not over there.)
  • ​A no-backswing tip that improved a recent student’s ball-striking immediately – and will do the same for yours.
  • ​The slice-busting drill that will not only straighten your banana ball, it will teach you to hit a hook when you need to.
As you’ll see, Todd teaches with wonderful simplicity and clarity. That’s why students are able to quickly adapt to the Vertical Line Swing from the standard, body-straining method.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Hear What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I've always had trouble with fat shots and mishits from my all my clubs except my driver. I incorporated this swing as I understood it, I've never hit my irons consistently like I'm hitting them now and if I can stay in the shot (not standup before I hit the ball ) I'm hitting my hybrid and fairway wood much better. The best part is I haven't detected a loss of distance, for me it was a win win. Thanks for the tips.
Rick O.
Love your videos, particularly the ones directed towards senior golfers. I’m 70 with stage 4 Prostate cancer, which limits my mobility. Frankly, I’m just happy and blessed to still be out playing 18 holes 2-3 times a week. Your videos have helped me more than any other instructor, and these ones in particular hit home. After watching I’ve started overcoming my tendency to take a short backswing then rush the downswing to square up the clubface, which has caused me to lose a lot of distance. Thanks!
Mark W.
"This technique really works. I tried this today and added 20 to 30 yards to my game. I really enjoy and learned a lot from your videos."
Pauline M.
"Great tips Todd. I tried utilizing them the other day, and it had an instant impact on my game. I usually play most of my game shooting from the wrong fairway thanks to my inconsistent ball striking... but when I put your tips to use, I stayed in my own fairway the whole game... felt very strange… LOL."
Greg S.

"Just shot 85 putting this Vertical Line Swing into affect. I had lots of fantastic shots especially with my driver, 3-wood, and 19-degree rescue club… I really had fun and feel like I can really compete!"
Dave Hoehl
"I'm 73, been an above average player in past, but have bad knees, lower back and bad left thumb. Tried your vertical left arm swing today and it was almost miraculous! I picked up 20 – 30 yards on my drives and 1 – 2 clubs with irons and hybrids."
Senior Sooner

"AWESOME. I love the fact that you geared this to “experienced” golfers. I struggle to do what most teachers tell me to do in their videos because I can't turn like the pros."
Paul R.
"Pre-set rotation was the missing link for me. Used it and WOW. Hit the ball with my lost draw that I had years ago. Applied it to almost all of my shots and it works great."
Billy Oliveira
"Really nice video. At 60 years old with one each replacement hip and knee, the flat Hogan-like swing doesn't work like it did years ago. It makes a lot of sense to swing more vertically as you demonstrated. I've already noticed that at my age with the vertical swing I'm getting more swing speed and distance. Thanks!"
Ed in New Mexico
"I started golf about 9 years ago and now a senior golfer (65 yrs. young) and this video has help me more than any instructor has in person or online. Must say I like your simple and plain approach to instruction. Thanks for making my golf swing much better."
Gregg Boggs
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  • Say goodbye to the difficult, painful moves of traditional swing methods
  • ​Quickly learn an effortless, body-friendly swing that takes pressure off your muscles and joints
  • ​Stop slicing and start drilling a powerful draw
  • ​Hit it longer and straighter off the tee
  • ​Strike pure, penetrating irons, wedges and hybrids
  • ​Shoot lower scores than you have in years
  • ​Enjoy golf like never before, no matter your age
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